THE CHARLATANS of Swing: JAMES T STENTO Needham - The Dartmouth Group - Bedford - Community Associations Institute (CAI) - Condominium Homeowner Association (HOA) authoritarian government by the George Staropoli termed CAI 'Philosopher-Kings'.

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GARBAGE - Special - "Do you have an opinion? a MIND of your own?" - "Queen Astarte has taken to the skies to defend her once peaceful homeland from the EVIL LORDS of GARBANIA (CAI?), who SEEK TO RULE THE UNIVERSE" or at least the HOAs!
Elena - Disco Romancing - diversions on the mandatory road trip to Bedford to obtain financial data from The Dartmouth Group, if permitted at all!
Cash Cow: Music Videos - Exploitation / Mismanagement of Condo Associations by Boards, Property Management Companies, Law Firms - Board Reform - Community Associations Institute CAI - HOA Constitutional Crisis - RECHARTER!!!
THE CHARLATANS of Swing: JAMES T STENTO Needham - The Dartmouth Group - Bedford - Community Association Institute CAI Condominium Homeowner Association HOA Authoritarian Government
Charles Court East Condominium Trust. Needham, Massachusetts.
Who or What is the COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS INSTITUTE? (CAI) by Stan Hrincevich

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++ UNRESPONSIVE, 'MEDIEVAL' CONDO MANAGEMENT Newly-elected Massachusetts Governor CHARLIE BAKER, 1975 graduate of Needham High School, demonstrated his displeasure at the MBTA's performance during the February snows. Given BAKER's reaction to that inexcusable situation, I am sure that he will quickly discern the deleterious effects on owners of UNREGULATED, UNRESPONSIVE, UNENLIGHTENED 'MEDIEVAL' CONDO MANAGEMENT by boards, PMCs, and the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and that he will support legislation that 'tweaks' the EXISTING LAW by adding enforcement, providing owners INFORMATION THAT THEY NEED! Clearly, BAKER ‘gets’ the concept of COMMUNITAS that will probably never be understood by the cupidinous, controlling MINDS of the CAI. ++ Captain Renault: “I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED to find that GAMBLING is going on in here.” Actually, I would NOT be that shocked to find that Frank LOMBARDI, Henry GOODMAN (GSL - Goodman, Shapiro, Lombardi LLC Dedham), and Robert MCBRIDE (The Dartmouth Group, Bedford) were GAMBLING on the community, school, and personal connections of BAKER and STENTO (among others) as entrée into the CORNER OFFICE for the authoritarian, antidemocratic philosophy and ideas of the Community Associations Institute. ++
Check of the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure for James T. Stento Jr, Needham, MA revealed: Licensing Board: Public Accountancy License Type: Certified Public Accountant License Number: 8345 Status: Expired Expiration Date: 6/30/1989 Issue Date: 7/1/1983 That CPA license expiration occurred 25+ years ago. Maybe there is an active CPA license in another state, but if not, what other MATERIAL FACTS are the board and The Dartmouth Group arrogantly misrepresenting? To me, this is just another instance of one or more individuals' being disingenuous about what’s known and is reminiscent of John Molignano’s serving on the board of a TDG property, Harvard Ridge, while a Dartmouth Group director. It also seems to me, that at the time, Robert McBride could not provide any explantion. I don’t begrudge anyone providing contractual service making a reasonable profit. However, in the current uncommunicative environment I have no idea what’s the basis for The Dartmouth Group expenses or surcharges levied on owners. What individual line items comprise the total annual expense? I would like to see the contract. Caesar divorced his second wife Pompeia because he testified that Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion although he himself did not believe rumors of her alleged adulterous behavior with Publius Clodius. Similarly boards and property management companies must be above suspicion by being open and forthcoming about all their transactions. At the moment, in my opinion, the CCE board and The Dartmouth Group do not pass that test. ++
For more than 30 years, Charles Court East has been an important part of the Needham community; for more than 20 years, I have been an owner here. As this site has noted, from about the time that The Dartmouth Group became the property management company for CCE, information regarding operations has been harder and harder to obtain from both the board and The Dartmouth Group. During 2014, there was virtually NO communication. Maybe there is something that I do not understand. Fortuitously, Jim Stento, a Needham civic leader and youth coach, is a Vice-President of The Dartmouth Group. Certainly, he must have some knowledge about and influence upon its operations. I therefore ask Jim why are there problems here at Charles Court East. Is there anything he can do to improve this 'bad' situation? I make several suggestions on this site. The spirit, qualities, and values of George Bailey, the main character from the Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life", seem to be either nonexistent or merely quaint anachronisms at Community Associations Institute; at Goodman, Shapiro, and Lombardi; at The Dartmouth Group; and on the Charles Court East board. There seems to be a disconnect between Jim Stento’s youth coach work and other Needham town activity (which I presume to be pro bono) and that of The Dartmouth Group at Charles Court East ‘on the other side of town’. Presenting the financial information for 2014 (through October balance sheet) and the budget for 2015 at the annual meeting in early December, he cannot be unaware of the dodgy election process, the lack of information provided owners and CLOSED board meetings. Further, The Dartmouth Group including CEO Robert McBride and Vice-President Jim Stento has seemingly embraced the forked-tongue pronouncements and legal actions of the Community Associations Institute (CAI).